My Fake Law School Pics

So listen up gang, I've got a dilemma... My dad STILL thinks that I'm in law school. Truth is, I only spent 3 DAYS in law school, then I dropped out and used the rest of my college fund to buy 40,000 pencil erasers for a rubber sculpture I was making.

Anyway, when my dad called the other day, he asked me to send him my pics from law school. He said he was sorry he was missing the whole thing. (If you don't know, he's on a submarine in the Pacific somewhere and he doesn't know I dropped out to become an ARTIST!)

What should I do? Should I send him these pics that I PhotoDock'd? They look legit, right?

My Graduation Practice

(People practice graduating right?)

My Internship at a REAL Law Firm

My "Best Lawyer Ever" Award

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